Friday, December 4, 2009

Games I worked on back in the day...

When I got my first job in the videogame business back in 2000 it was as a QA-tester for LucasArts. I was there for 5 years and "officially" worked on 14 different games. Along the way I was lended-out temporarily to many more. I was immersed in Star Wars video game work environment. I worked with amazing people and made tons of friends. I also worked with a few companies off-site and attended many of the conventions which were amazing to be apart of. E3, Comicon, SIGGRAPH, and many more it was great.

Starfighter Special Edition Xbox


This was my first game. An enhanced version of Starfighter for the Xbox. I tested the heck outta this game. From button mashing on loading screens to playing multi-player with an extra controller in my lap. After this they put me on the PC Port. It was an expanded universe Ep. 1 space shooter.

Obi Wan Xbox


A very cool game where you run around as Obi Wan in a 3d Ep 1 universe, force pushing dudes off ledges and throwing your lightsaber at Kortosis Bad Guys. Also had a duel mode where you could play as various Jedi against a friend. I came in near the end of development and tested Multi-player a ton.

Jedi Starfighter


This game was crazy! You flew around in a Jedi Starfighter and could use force powers to dispense with your enemies. It continued the story of Starfighter into the Ep 2 Movie territory. I tested the earlier missions before i was moved onto a PC port of Starfighter PS2 for a while.

I worked on many games there, This is Chapter 1.